Restaurant Extrablatt

An Art Nouveau masterpiece

In 2019, the Extrablatt restaurant, located next to the Davos Congress Center and the eau-là-là wellness and adventure pool, underwent a comprehensive total renovation. The ambitious renovation plan in the art nouveau style was carried out by the renowned Fanzun AG.  As a leading carpentry company, we were awarded the contract for all carpentry work, including ceiling paneling, fixed glazing, railing cladding, block lining and sliding doors as well as the addition and production of new Art Nouveau furniture, semi-circular benches and extensive refurbishment of existing fixtures.

The complexity of Art Nouveau forms presented us with fascinating challenges, which we mastered with precision craftsmanship.  The combination of wood and textile materials proved to be an extremely interesting task, in which we found innovative solutions to create a harmonious overall picture.

The Extrablatt restaurant is a true masterpiece in the art nouveau style that enchants its visitors with its elegant aesthetics and nostalgic ambience. We are proud to have been involved in this unique project.

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contact person

Dominic von Arx

Work Planner / Project Manager

Dipl. Technician HF Wood Technology, Carpentry

Tel. +41 81 413 71 47